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Footwear Making Machine

Product Code:-ZU-266 A1
Product Name:-Upper Forming Machine
◆Fit for all kinds of thermoplastic shaping.
◆The hot up and down mould can soften uppers by steam at the same time, to make better upper.  
◆The cold mould clamp is used teflon strap and the last, 
    the forming effect is very perfect.
◆According to the client's last, we can make the last and 
    teflon strap. The accuracy is 98%.
◆The hot mould has steam device, make upper get more 
    flexibility and brightness.
◆Adopt the water cooling system, the cooling speed is quick, and the effect is perfect, the refrigeration's temperature can be -30℃. 
Technical specifications:  
Model     ZU-266 A1
Dimension     L87*W90*H150cm
Weight    370kg
Voltage   220V
Power     2.7kw
Capacity        1200Pairs/8h
Air pressure 6bar