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Footwear Making Machine

Product Code:-ZU-626 -2H
Product Name:-Counter Moulding Machine
    ◆ZU-626 has small dimensions with more linear and rational sufaces and a new powerful Hardware-software that gives operator the 
        possibility to control all machine functions by a single teminal. The operator can introduce any kind of set values of machine cycle, 
        hot and cold mould temperature and also receive warning in case of malfunctions. 
    ◆Complete adjustment for outer and inner moulds, flanging wipers and pincer give the possibility to work from baby size to men size 
        including skee boots. 
    ◆Optical projector or pneumatic positioning upper device for models with wipers. 
    ◆The operating cycle the column move up to the rubber cushion, then rubber cushion get close and make wiper movement. 
    Following is the list of our most spread and known hot/cold models. Because of the modularity of this series, it is possible to develop other 
    required machines. If you have pls contact. 
    ◆Two stations equipped with heated moulds and plates for folding over seat edges. 
    ◆Two stations equipped with cold moulds. 
    ◆Moulds, cushions, wipers and pincers positioned for Moccasin working. 
    ◆Adjustable width of pincers. 
    ◆Programmable pulling pincers. 
    ◆Safety photoelectric switch system. 
    ◆Indipendent pre-heated station with upper pulling pincers.
      Model     ZU-626
      Dimension     L85*W156*H200cm     
         Weight    571kg
      Voltage   220V
          Power     2.7kw    
          Capacity        1100 Pairs/8h
      Air pressure 6bar