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Footwear Making Machine

Product Code:-ZU--629
Product Name:-Back Moulding Machine With Air Bag

The ready-fashion has been since a few years aphenomenon of big economic importance.This reality, which has made stronger the image of people's taste and creativity in the world,has deeply conditioned the production system, revolutioning times and methods due to the needs of speeding up and making flexible the working cycles. the latest generation of backpart moulders having features of performances modularity to allow the change of production article, without changing the moulding cushion. This is possible thanks to moulding bells with inside-leather covering, so that once they are inflated by air with adjustable pressure, the covering sticks perfectly to the moulds with different shape. The peculiarity of these backpart moulding machines series is exactly to have as moulding unit a inflatable bell. This bell joins the perfectinflation capability and the final deflation by vacuum system, with a special device which keeps the covering as far as possible from the upper, allowing the bell return without any risk to damage the upper leather. This new series has a structure with strict and linear design. The new and powerful Hardware-Software allows to control the machine cycle programmation and all the hot and cold temperatures by a proper operation console. The console autodiagnostic system informs the operator by a warning message of eventual malfunctions or alarms. 
Ttechnical specifications: 

Model     ZU-629
Dimension     L136*W90*H202cm     
Weight    435kg
Voltage   220V
Power     2.7kw
Capacity        1200Pairs/8h
Air pressure 6bar