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Footwear Making Machine

Product Code:-ZU 420W
Product Name:-PLC Band Knife Splitting Machine


The machine is widely used for leather products industry in width 420 mm and a thickness of 8 mm or less hard, soft leather were thin slices, slice evenly to the required thickness of the device. Cut sheet thickness can be adjusted to improve product quality, increase market competitiveness.

Technical parameters:

Model   ZU-L420W

The maximum cutting width       420 mm

Minimum sheet thickness cut    Upper feed rod 0.15 mm, 0.5 mm upper feed roller

The maximum sheet thickness cut           8 mm

Feed rate            1-20 m / min

Knife Specifications         3570x50x0.8 mm

Motor Power     3.5 kilowatts

Dimensions        1600x960x1420 mm

Package dimensions       1800x1230x1540 mm

Net weight         720 kg


GW        890 kg